Canyon Cliff Evolution

Canyon Cliff Minimalist Sandals are imagined and developed for limitless outdoor conditions.To test it would require nature’s own lab which would vary with terrain, climate and surprises. We took it to right from the sea level upto 20,000ft to check its competence against the odds stacked in between. Changes in design and selection of materials also played a huge role in the sidelines.Every aspect and every single part was tested…


TamhiniThis wild and unraveled valley where we went on to explore Canyons of sahyadri and the initial testing of it while exploring gave us critical inputs in the evolution of the product.The synthesis of the final brew of the Sandals shaped from here and we would then take the close to final avatar.


The sandals were worn on for the entire length of the ultra trail stretching from Sinhagad, Rajgad,Torna, Raigad with variable thickness to get the bio-feedback feel on stretched out distances.

6000m mountains in Himalayas

It was time that we would take this to new skylines and altitudes to check with the attitude of the footwear.Typically changes in the air pressure coupled with the freezing and blasting heat temperatures was a full force rigging of the product.Remarkably on this Project 6k India me and Saurabh Sharma were the fastest Indians to scale to 10 * 6000m mountains.