Our Story

Footwear has been subject to revolution since ages to contemporary lifestyle usage.

We at Canyon Sandals have been researching,developing,forging and bringing into life the best possible variation of the minimalist sandal for everyone. 

Extensively tested through various terrains and conditions of outdoor as we ourselves as makers  put to rig every possible unravelling on our way into explorations and outings.

While foot itself is one of the most primal and best possible physical grafts of ours to move on the planet.We consider all the comprehensive variables it shall move through sitting in the lap of this minimal yet wholesome machine.

Be it upcycled rubber selection for best traction savaging every greener step you take or the rugged Spider Silk Tendon strapping to keep clocking miles.Every detail has been crafted to be in the wild and keep the wild less polluted.

We stand behind the footwear unconditionally and bring it forward to you to step upon and embrace the world out there together.