Find Your Canyon Sandals Size

We offer unisex sizing to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Follow these simple steps and consult our sizing chart to find your ideal sandal size.

Print your Size Outline

To find your ideal fit for the Canyon Sandal, simply print your size outlines from the chart provided below. Remember to print at a custom scale of 100% for accurate measurements. Refer to our sizing chart to access all the Canyon Sandal Size Outlines available.

Ensure Size Accuracy

To confirm the correct printing of the size outline, use a ruler to verify each outline's measurements. You can also cross-check the printout against the provided scale or place your credit card in the blank layout for an additional reference.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

To determine your best fit, place your foot within the outlined area on the printout. It is recommended to have a space of 4-8mm at the toe and heel of your foot within the outline. The solid outline on the printout corresponds to the exact outline of the sandal.

Canyon Sandals Sizing Chart

22.2cms - 22.4cms 8.95cm 3
23.0cms - 23.2cms 9.2cm 4
23.9cms - 24.1cms 9.6cm 5
24.8cms - 25.0cms 10.1cm 6
25.5cms - 25.7cms 10.5cm 7
26.4cms - 26.6cms 10.8cm 8
27.1cms - 27.3cms 11.1cm 9
28.1cms - 28.3cms 11.4cm 10
28.9cms - 29.1cms 11.8cm 11
28.9cms - 29.1cms 11.8cm 12